Extro Lubricants Automotive Transmission Torque 10

extro automatic transmission oil


Extro Transmission Torque 10 is specially formulated for hydro kinetic turbo-transmissions and industrial torque converters. It possess high oxidation stability, anti-foam, anti-rust and EP properties. It is compatible with seal materials normally used in transmission systems.


  • Ensures power transmission at optimum level.
  • Has long service life due to excellent thermal and oxidation stability.
  • Reduces tendency to foam since it has good air release properties.
  • Protects components against corrosion and wear.


  • Extro Turbo Transmissions, torque converters and fluid couplings manufactured by Santhanam, Tirupur, Tamilnadu, India.
  • Automotive transmission systems and gears designed by Motoren UHD Turbinen Union, West Germany.
    Suri-Mak Railroad Transmissions.

Extro Transmission Torque 10 is approved by the Indian Railways Research Design and Standards Organisation, Lucknow for use in transmission systems of locomotives.