Extro Transmission C4 Oils Automotive Lubricants Oil

extro automatic transmission oil


Extro Transmission C4 fluids are formulated to meet the specification of Extro lubricants, India for automotive transmission fluid type C4. These fluids are blended from selected lubricating oil base stocks with special additives to impart high oxidation stability, anti-wear, anti-rust, anti-foam and desired frictional characteristics in service.
The fluids are compatible with seal material generally used in automotive transmission systems.


  • Enable smooth operation of precision hydraulic control systems.
  • Protect gear and other lubricated parts against wear.
  • Have the desired friction characteristics for smooth engagement/disengagement of clutch to provide a “soft shift feel”.
  • Give high protection against rust and corrosion to the components of the automotive transmission system.
  • Provide excellent seal life due to good compatibility with seal and component materials normally used in hydraulic transmission systems.


Extro Transmission C4 fluids are recommended for all commercial power shift transmissions and automatic transmissions manufactured by Extro Lubricants, India. Such hauling and cycling transmissions are fitted on a wide variety of off-highway equipment e-g., dumpers, scrapers, shovel loaders, log loaders, crawler tractors, excavators.