Engine Oil 15W/40CI4,15w/40CI4,15W/40 CI4 engine oil,15W/40 CI4

extro diesel engine oil


Extro ultra 15W/40CI4 oils are heavy duty diesel engine oils, and are blended from highly refined, high viscosity index base stocks and contain appropriate dosages of detergent-dispersant and antioxidant additives to meet the stated performance standards.


  • Extro Ultra 15W/40CI4 oils Effectively combat the deleterious products of combustion associated with high sulphur fuels, thus minimising deposits and wear.
  • Extro Ultra 15W/40CI4 oils maintain excellent engine cleanliness.
  • Extro Ultra 15W/40CI4 oil minimise deposits resulting from high output, low speed, low temperature operations
  • Provide excellent control of cold sludge and corrosive wear.
  • Possess excellent oxidation stability ensuring long service life especially in transmission systems


Extro Ultra 15W/40CI4 oils are recommended for all classes of supercharged diesel engines of high speed, high output such as those in:

  • Heavy duty diesel vehicles / Tractors.
  • Earth moving / Off-highway equipment.
  • Transmission systems of Caterpillar equipment.

Large generating sets Servo Ultra 10 meets the requirements of hydraulic fluid Type C2 specification of Detroit Diesel Allison, Division of General Motors Corporation, USA.