Extro universal transmission oil | Extro lubricant oil developed to meet

extro tractor transmission oil


Extro universal transmission oil is a Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (UTTO) developed to meet the diverse performance requirements of farm tractor lubricants such as the controlled friction requirements of power take off clutch and wet brakes, suppression of wet brake noise, good filter-ability and anti foam characteristics, protection against rust and corrosion and adequate EP and anti wear properties for maximum durability of the transmission, differential and final drive.


  • One oil can be used for hydraulics, transmission, wet brake, PTO and final drive in farm tractors thereby reducing inventory cost.
  • Reduced lubricant misapplication by farmers.
  • Outstanding thermo – oxidative stability resulting in longer fluid life.
  • Enhanced protection against corrosion. Longer component life.


Extro Trans 30 is recommended for use as Universal Tractor Transmission Oil and in power shift transmissions and torque converters in off-highway equipment.