Axle gear super ls | Extro automotive gear oil blended from specially

extro axle gear oil


Extro gear super ls 90 is a high performance Automotive gear oil blended from specially selected high viscosity index base stocks and contain additives which impart extreme pressure, anti-rust, anti corrosion and anti oxidation characteristics. It also contains additive system which is specially designed for “limited slip” rear drive differentials.


  • Have exceptional chemical and thermal stability resulting in enhanced gear and bearing life due to minimal deposits.
  • Provides excellent frictional characteristics for effective limited-slip performance.
  • Ensures outstanding rust and corrosion protection.
  • Exhibits good compatibility with seals and gaskets thereby minimizing leakages.


Extro Gear Super LS 90 is an effective lubricant for limited-slip differentials, final drives and axles of Off-highway earth moving equipment. It can also be used in other automotive and industrial applications involving gears operating under low speed/high torque and high speed/ shock load conditions.