Extro super life | Extro lubricant is specially formulated to give long

extro ap3 grease


Extro grease super life is a premium quality, sodium soap grease with short fibres and good structural stability. This grease is specially formulated to give long service life to wheel bearings of light and heavy vehicles.


  • Maintains structural stability in wheel bearing application, even under the most strenuous operation of the automotive vehicles.
  • Withstands effectively, excessive churning and provides trouble-free long service.
  • Possesses appropriate pumpability for easy application by grease guns and other manual or power operated dispensing equipment.
  • Ensures excellent protection to the lubricated parts.


Extro Grease Super Life is recommended for trouble-free lubrication and protection of wheel bearings and various other automotive components which do not get exposed to moisture. Servo grease Super Life being soda soap grease, is susceptible to water wash out and hence not suitable for water pump bearing lubrication.