Extro mp2, mp3 | Extro multi purpose automotive grease

extro epl2 grease

Extro grease mp2 & mp3 are premium quality lithium soap, multi-purpose automotive grease, with high drop point, good thermal and structural stability and also having resistance against water wash out. With smooth structure and high degree of resistance against oxidation and rusting/corrosion. They are ideal product for all grease lubricated parts of automotive equipment.


  • Provide excellent resistance to structural and consistency changes, over wide range of temperatures but remains in place despite severe working or sustained shock impact.
  • Have excellent low and high temperature properties. Extro Grease MP can be dispensed at low temperatures and will maintain adequate stay-put property at the higher temperatures encountered in service.
  • Resist effectively, water wash out in use, assuring adequate lubrication over extended service periods.
  • Provide resistance to oxidation, rust and corrosion.


Extro Grease MP2 & MP3 is recommended for water pump, wheel bearings, chassis fittings and universal joints, including those of constant velocity type, for mobile equipment e.g., automotive, off- highway equipment such as tractors, construction equipment etc. Extro Grease MP2 & MP3 is used as Wheel Bearing Grease in Automotive applications.