Extro gem plus | Extro lubricant grease is manufactured from high viscosity

extro grease


Extro gem plus is a premium quality, lithium soap, multipurpose grease. Gem plus grease is manufactured from high viscosity index base oils and select additives with superior performance benefits.


  • Excellent resistance to water washout.
  • Superior oxidation and structural stability.
  • High degree of antirust and anticorrosion properties.
  • Give outstanding performance under varying operating conditions.
  • Suitable for lubrication under sub-zero (-25C) to reasonably high (140C) temperature conditions.


Extro gem plus grease is specially developed for the lubrication of anti-friction bearings of railway axle boxes of locomotives and electric motors to give longer service life. Grease has also been evaluated for pinion and commutator end of traction motors of locomotives.
The grease has been also evaluated for wheel bearing applications for automotive purposes.