Extro moly grease | Extro lubricant is superior multi purpose lithium

extro moly grease


Extro moly grease is superior multi-purpose lithium base grease, compounded with finely dispersed molybdenum di-sulphide. The MoS2 being a very effective solid lubricant with extremely good anti-scuffing property gives additional protection to the moving parts even under very severe shock load conditions when the grease components may get squeezed out.


  • Resists thinning out even under excessive working in bearings, thereby ensuring minimum leakage and extended service life.
  • Resists effectively, water wash out in use.
  • Has minimum chemical deterioration over extended periods in storage and service.
  • Provides excellent low and high temperature properties. It can be dispensed at low temperatures and maintains adequate stay put property at the higher temperature.
  • Provides solid film lubrication, thus reduces friction between sliding surfaces, resulting in optimum service life of the moving parts.


Extro Moly Grease is recommended for chassis fittings, wheel bearings, grease cups, grease lubricated universal joints and other lubrication points in passenger cars, trucks, buses, farm tractors, mobile construction equipment as well as other earth-moving machinery.
This grease has been found suitable for industrial application where lithium base grease with molybdenum is required.