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Extro is the brand leader among lubricants and greases in India. Extro serves as a one-stop shop for complete lubrication solutions in the automotive, industrial and marine segments. Recognized for cutting-edge technology and high-quality products

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Extro’s Strength

Extro lubricants, offers high performance oils which penetrates every corner of the vehicle’s component and its wetting abilities work against friction and wear.

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It is important to select the lubricants for any component, Extro comes with the special ingredients which can minimize wear and extend service intervals for automobiles.

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Extro keeps researching lubricant such a way that, it is developed to increase the engine’s performance and help in smooth running of the component.

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Experience in the industry,innovation in developing & manufacturing and well designed customer support keeps the Extro trusted brand in the market.

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We are a pioneer and future oriented company which believes in innovation and producing lubricants for any automotive which are in market.

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Car Maintenance

Special ingrident added to the lubricants makes the engine and component smoother which improves the quality,which reduces the necessity of frequent checkup.