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extro bearing oil


Extro Bearing oil SteelSP have been exclusively developed from heavy bodied lube base stocks and contain selected non toxic mild EP additives to meet the requirements of heavily loaded, slow speed, mill roll bearings in sugar mills. Bearing oil SteelSP oils provide excellent lubrication and prevent wear and corrosion of bearings under all operating conditions. Being vicious, Bearing oil SteelSP have excellent resistance to leakage and contain special compounding agents to ensure efficient lubrication of machine elements even in the presence of juice.


  • Provide excellent protection against rust and corrosion even in presence of fermented sugarcane juice.
  • Have outstanding lubricating properties thereby permitting increased hydraulic loading of top-roll thus improving extraction efficiency.
  • Ensure minimum oil consumption.
  • Bearing oil SteelSP withstand severe washing action, due to good adhesive properties.
  • Provide tenacious film that clings on to the bearing surfaces even under severe operating conditions. This permits the bearing to run at normal established operation temperature.


Extro Bearing oil SteelSP oils are recommended for the lubrication of sugar mill crusher and mill-roll bearings. These oils are generally applied by means of mechanical force feed lubricators. In certain industries, these grades are used in centralized lubrication system of slow speed spur and helical gears and for slush pan lubrication of open gears.