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Extro Coning Oil Cone100 is specially formulated anti-static coning oil blended from high quality lube base stocks for use in Textile Industry. Extro Coning Oil Cone100 is highly refined light colored low viscosity mineral oil with appropriate dosage of emulsifiers, anti-static, friction reducing and anti-splashing agents to minimize the oil losses during Coning and twisting operations. The textured yarn manufactured with the help of anti-static coning oil can be used by weavers and twisters for making varieties of fabrics as end products.


  • Extro Coning Oil Cone100 provides excellent Lubricity to filaments and considerably reduces fibre to fibre and fibre to m/c parts friction during operation.
  • Extro Coning Oil Cone100 has excellent anti-static characteristics.
  • Non-yellowing and easily scour able from treated fibres.
  • Ensures uniform pick up on fibres.
  • Performs well with any type of water.


Extro Coning Oil Cone100 is recommended as finishing agent during winding, texturizing and sewing threads for better unwinding. It will form the stable emulsion with emulsion stability index of 0.95 to 1.00 during washing operation of the grey fabrics. Extro Coning Oil Cone100 will smoothen the manufacturing of Texturized yarn from Partially oriented filament Yarn (POY) by by dipping through tray containing coning oil.


  • Optimisation of oil loss from yarn during longitudinal and transverse motion while wrapping the yarn around the cone.
  • It has performed well in Textile Industries for similar applications.
  • Extro Coning Oil Cone100 has user friendly odour.