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textile oil


Extro Spin Oil10, Extro Spin Oil12 are formulated from light colored mineral base stocks having excellent oxidation resistance. Extro Spin Oil10,Extro Spin Oil12 are fortified with “tailor made” additives for guaranteeing excellent scour-ability properties while imparting anti-rust, anti-foam and anti-wear characteristics. Extro Spin oils additionally possess biodegradability.


  • Good oxidation stability.
  • Excellent antirust and drip free characteristics.
  • Superior lubrication properties.
  • Excellent scourability characteristics and significant reduction in the stains on the fabrics.
  • Unique compatibility with varying wet processes and fabrics.
  • Reduces the use of solvents for stain removal.
  • Possess more than 95% biodegradability thereby exceeding ECO mark requirements of Indian and European specifications.


Extro Spin oil10,Extro Spin oil12 are specifically developed to meet the lubrication requirement of bearings and other moving parts in textile industry for weaving, knitting, etc. in mechanically and automatic looms.

Extro Spin oil10,Extro Spin oil12 is suitable for cotton and cotton-synthetic fabrics