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Extro Axle Gear Super 80w


Extrotherm special oils (Heat transfer oil) have been specially developed for use as heat transfer medium in industrial application. Extrotherm special oils (Heat transfer oil) possess high viscosity index, excellent thermal and oxidation stability, low volatility and low vapour pressure to give long service life in well designed heat transfer systems. Extrotherm special oils (Heat transfer oil) is recommended for well designed heat transfer system operating upto 315⁰C. Thermal oil , thermal oil heater , thermal fluids , transfer fluid , thermal fluid systems , thermal oil system, thermal transfer systems


  • Extro therm special oils give long service life since they have high resistance to thermal cracking and oxidation.
  • Extro therm special oils have high specific heat and good thermal conductivity at all temperatures, and consequently provide rapid heating and more flexibility in heat transfer systems.
  • Perform efficiently in high as well as low temperature heating applications.
  • Ensure low power consumption since they maintain adequately low viscosity for easy pumpability over a wide range of temperature.
  • Extro therm special oils do not have any toxicity and obnoxious odour.
  • Can be used in combined heating and cooling cycles.


Extrotherm special oils (Heat transfer oil) are recommended as a fluid medium in various types of heat transfer system for indirect or secondary heating in industry. The use of these oils provide rapid heating and greater flexibility in heat transfer systems since they possess high specific heat and better thermal conductivity at all temperatures.  Extrotherm special oils (Heat transfer oil) are suitable for use in both, closed as well as open type heat transfer systems. Extrotherm special oils (Heat transfer oil) have a high resistance to thermal cracking and hence maintain their heat transfer efficiency even when subjected to repeated high and low temperature cycles. The heat transfer system must be thoroughly cleaned and free from contaminants. All traces of dust, rust and residue of welding operations must be removed by flushing. After the flushing oil is drained the system must be free from moisture before it is charged with Extro therm oils.