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Extro Axle Gear Super 80w

Extroduotherm Synthetic oil(Heat transfer oil) has been specially developed for use as heat transfer medium in both liquid and vapour phase. Extroduotherm Synthetic oil(Heat transfer oil) wide temperature probability combined with very low viscosity makes it an ideal choice for well designed heat transfer systems up to 400 deg C.Thermal oil , thermal oil heater , thermal fluids , transfer fluid , thermal fluid systems , thermal oil system, thermal transfer systems
Extroduotherm Synthetic oil(Heat transfer oil) give long service life since they have excellent resistance to thermal cracking and oxidation.
Have high specific heat and good thermal conductivity at all temperatures, and consequently provide rapid heating and more flexibility in heat transfer systems.
Extroduotherm Synthetic oil(Heat transfer oil) are excellent for vapour phase heat transfer systems requiring precise temperature control.
Miscible and compatible with similarly constituted Biphenyl/Diphenyl oxide mixtures, and can, therefore, go as top-up oil.
Very low decomposition at 400 deg C.
Very high purity.
Extroduotherm Synthetic oil(Heat transfer oil) is recommended as a fluid medium in various types of heat transfer system for indirect or secondary heating in industry. The oil can be used for both liquid phase ( 12 deg C- 400 deg C) as well as vapour phase ( 257-400 deg C) heat transfer.
Extroduotherm Synthetic oil(Heat transfer oil) is a eutectic mixture of two very stable compounds, Biphenyl & Diphenyl Oxide. Extroduotherm Synthetic oil(Heat transfer oil) finds its use in solar energy generation, in concentrators such as parabolic, linear Fresnel and trough based systems. It can also be used for most process heating or waste heat recovery applications and wide variety of industries, such as Fibres manufacture and chemicals.
The heat transfer system must be thoroughly cleaned and free from contaminants. All traces of dust, rust and residue of welding operations must be removed by flushing. The system must be free from moisture before it is charged with Extroduotherm Synthetic oil(Heat transfer oil).