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Extro Universal Transmission oil

Extro Rust Relief 401,402,404:

We are one of the trusted processor and suppliers of quality range of Rust Preventive Oil. Extro high film high performance rust relief oil are petroleum based temporary rust and corrosion preventive oil which are widely used for preventing corrosion during storage and transportation. Extro high film high performance rust relief oil can prevent rust even in severe salty and humid atmosphere and are used in various applications.


  • Extro high film high performance rust relief oil have different characteristics according to their grades and area of application some have greasy film some are dry and have shelf life according to uses.
  • Applying on surface areas also varies like dipping, spraying or swab or brushing.
  • These have water displacement characteristics.
  • Greasy film type rust preventives not contain solvents but contain rust preventing additives and are used in piston assemblies oil seals transmission and timer chains.


  • Non staining compatible with lubricating oil and hence the surface film need not be removed.
  • Easily applied by dipping, brush, spray or swab.
  • Easily removable by solvent.