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Extro Universal Transmission oil

Extro Knitting Oil 32,22,101, 102:

We are dedicate engaged in offering a qualitative grade of Knitting Oil 32,22, 101, 102 these are non – corrosive, easily washable, non-abrasive knitting machine oils which are self emulsifier in water and provide high level of scour ability from knitted yarns or fabrics. Formulated by using high quality of mineral oils fortified with selected additives so as to provide good anti-wear, anti rust, anti static, anti oxidant properties. The offered Extro knitting oil 32,22,101,102 is recommended as non – staining type needle lubricants for large diameter circular knittingmachines as well as for various other types of knitting machines are suitable for automatic oiling units commonly fixed to circular knitting machines or by manual oiling methods. Extro lubricants are knitting machine oil manufacturers wholesale and suppliers across the world.


  • Extro knitting oil 32,22,101,102  are clear liquid free from suspended matter.
  • Extro knitting oil 32,22,101,102  are colourless to slightly yellowish.
  • Extro knitting oil 32,22,101,102 have long shelf life.