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semi synthetic oil


Semi Synthetic Cutting oil 602,604,606 is a clear dark green semi-synthetic cutting fluid, Machine Oils. It maintains a constant PH value for a long period of time. Semi Synthetic Cutting oil 602,604,606 assures uniform concentrated oil drops on the cutting tools, that ensures high quality finishing on the component being worked on. Semi synthetic cutting oil 602,604,606 has an enhanced performance characteristics. It can be used on all cutting tool materials namely HSS coated / unquoted, Tungsten coated / unquoted PCD ceramic etc. Semi Synthetic Cutting oil 602,604,606 can be used for all ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.


  • Good Corrosion Protection.
  • Good Detergent.
  • High work piece visibility.
  • Long Fluid Life
  • High Thermal Stability